Panel & Plywood

Marine Ply (AS/NZS 2272-2006)

Manufactured from high-quality plantation hoop pine veneers and bonded with a type A Phenolic resin, hoop pine plywood is an excellent choice for marine applications due to its density, bending strength, impact resistance, and surface finishing characteristics.

With high-grade hoop pine veneers used on both faces and core layers, hoop pine plywood meets the standards set by AS/NZS 2272-2006, making it ideal for use in boat hulls, pontoons, and other marine structures.

Thanks to its superior visual properties, when finished with a high-quality clear polyurethane, hoop marine ply is also highly desirable for a range of internal decorative applications such as ceiling linings and alfresco areas (Please refer to manufacturer’s guidelines on finishing download here).

It’s important to note that no marine species are naturally durable in water, so preservative treatment of marine plywood used in exposed marine environments is essential.

Hoop marine plywood is typically not suitable for fully exposed applications, such as wall cladding, due to its tendency to check on the surface and the manufacturer’s recommendation against using oil-based finishes.


Applications Boat  hulls
Aircraft construction
Commercial & Residential fit-outs
Standard AS/NZS 2272-2006
Grade F17 (upon request);  A face / A back – Sanded both sides; A bond glueline resin;  Typically Super E0 formaldehyde emission rating
Sheet Size 2400 x 1200
Thickness 1.5mm 3mm 4mm 6.5mm 9.5mm 12.5mm 16mm 19mm 25mm 32mm