Panel & Plywood

Feature Ply (AC, BB, BC): Enhance Your Space with Natural Beauty

Feature Ply, available in hoop or radiata grades, is renowned for its decorative qualities, making it a captivating addition to any interior design. With its face veneer typically free of defects such as splits, large knots, and putty, it leaves a lasting impression of purity and elegance.

Commonly finished with a clear coating to highlight its natural beauty, Feature Ply is versatile and suitable for a wide range of structural and non-structural applications. Whether used for decorative ceiling and wall linings, solid or perforated, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Ideal for noise containment or attenuation applications, Feature Ply offers both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

For external or moisture-exposed applications, it’s recommended to treat the panel with a recognised H3 treatment to protect against fungal and termite attack. Additionally, finishing with a paint or water repellent can help minimize surface checking.

*When used structurally, ensure compliance with relevant building and engineering codes based on the panel’s structural rating.


Applications Ceilings
Wall panels
Internal sound panels
Inset feature panels
Furniture and cabinetry
Boat Fitout
Musical Instruments
Standard AS/NZS 2271 & AS/NZ 2269 where structurally rated
Grade Various – F8, F11, F14 and F17; AC, BB, BC; Exterior ‘A’ bond.
Sheet Size 2400 x 1200
2700 x 1200
Thickness 4mm 6mm


Bendy Ply: Let Your Imagination Curve

Explore beyond the straight lines! Bendy Ply is a unique plywood sheet that offers the flexibility to curve and bend around tight radii, allowing you to bring your decorative ideas to life with ease.

This versatile material finds its place in various applications, including reception counters, columns, and feature displays, thanks to its ability to adapt to different shapes and forms.

With a high-grade face that can be cut in two directions, you have the option of a long or short grain, both perfect for clear finishing or painting. Additionally, Bendy Ply is suitable for overlaying with natural timber veneer, adding a touch of elegance to your designs.

It’s important to note that Bendy Ply is designed for interior non-structural use only. It’s not suitable for structural or wet area applications.


Applications Shop Fitting
Ceiling linings
Movie and Theatre sets
Interior door skins
Grade B face / D back; Interior ‘C’ Bond
Sheet Size 2440 x 1220 Long Grain
1220 x 2440 Short Grain
Thickness (Sheets/pack) 5mm(107)  8mm(105)


Lauan Ply: A Reliable Choice for Decorative Projects

Lauan Ply is a decorative hardwood plywood with earthy pink/brown tones, adding warmth and character to any project. Its subtle and consistent grain makes it a reliable choice when the appearance of the face is important, offering a touch of natural beauty to furniture and crafts.

Easy to work with, Lauan Ply can be painted or stained to match any decor style, allowing for versatile customization. Its smooth surface and consistent texture make it ideal for achieving a polished finish.

While Lauan Ply excels in decorative applications, it’s important to note that it’s not suitable for structural use or exterior applications. However, its versatility and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice for indoor furniture, cabinetry, and artistic projects where appearance matters most.


Applications Interior walls; movie and theatre sets; furniture backing, interiors  and drawers; picture frames and crafts
Grade B face / C back; ‘C’ Bond
Sheet Size 2440 x 1220
Thickness (Sheets/pack) 2.7mm(300) 3mm(300) 3.6mm(240)


Lightweight Falcata Plywood: Ideal for Interior Fitouts

Falcata Plywood, known for its lightweight properties, offers up to 38% weight savings compared to standard hardwood plywoods, making it an excellent choice for interior fitouts where weight reduction is essential.

Perfectly suited for lightweight joinery applications, Falcata Plywood is commonly used for laminated benchtop substrates and bench seats in caravans.

Featuring a lighter appearance than many traditional hardwood species, Falcata boasts a clear face and subtle grain, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Crafted with an interior moisture-proof bond, Falcata Plywood ensures durability and longevity in use, though it’s important to note that it’s not suitable for structural applications or exterior use.

In addition to its weight-saving benefits, Falcata Plywood is safer and easier to handle, helping to reduce workplace fatigue for production and fit-out staff.


Applications Caravan and shop  fitout, ceiling and wall panelling, door cores, acoustic and decorative panels, lightweight furniture
Weight Full Falcata (Face , Back and Core ) – LITE PLY F
Combi Falcata (Face & Back MLH, Core Falcata) – LITE PLY – MWEIGHT DETAILS (both F and M variants) 

  • 2.7mm LITE PLY Plywood
    Average Weight per 1220 x 2440 sheet : approx 2.7kg to 2.9kg per sheet
    Average density kg/m3: 335 to 360 (approx.)
  • 12 mm LITE PLY Plywood
    Average Weight per 1220 x 2440 sheet : approx 12.3kg to 12.6kg
    Average density kg/m3: 335 to 360 (approx.)
  • 15 mm LITE PLY Plywood
    Average Weight per 1220 x 2440 sheet : approx 18kg to 18.4kg
    Average density kg/m3: 410 to 450 (approx.)
Grade BB/CC. (BB/BB special order); WBP bond
Sheet Size 2440 x 1220
Thickness (Sheets/pack) 2.7mm(380) 12mm(90) 15mm(73) 18mm(62)



Polyester & Paper Overlaid Plywood: Combining Aesthetic Appeal with Easy Maintenance

Polyester & Paper Overlaid Plywood offers a decorative overlay that blends aesthetic appeal with easy routine cleaning and maintenance properties.

Available in a range of colors, including White & Grey Embossed (polyester overlay) and Silver Cloud (paper overlay), with options for a matte or gloss finish. Please note that minimum quantities and lead times apply to non-stocked colors. For further information, please contact your local branch.

Routine cleaning is simple, requiring only a wipe with a clean, damp soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, scourer pads (such as wire or copper cleaning pads), sandpaper, or subjecting the surface to excessive wetting.

While perfect for routine maintenance, this plywood is not recommended for use in wet areas or spaces with high relative humidity. It’s also not suitable for structural applications or exterior use. Prior to installation, it’s recommended that panels are inspected for color variation.


Applications Wall panelling
Draw linings
Standard AS / NZS 2270
Grade B Face (Polyester overlaid)  C Back;  ‘C’ Bond (Interior Bond)
Sheet Size 2440 x 1220
2745 x 1220
2995 x 1220
3050 x 1220
3660 x 1220
Metric sizes also available
Thickness 3.6mm



Plywood Doorskins: Enhancing the Look and Quality of Doors

Plywood Doorskins, made of hardwood plywood, are commonly specified in applications where high-quality faces are essential, such as decorative or commercial doors.

When considering the desired look, there’s a choice between standard and premium skins. The premium grade, known for its superior quality, is typically suitable for clear finishing, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. On the other hand, the standard grade is ideally finished with a painted surface, offering versatility in design.

To ensure the best finish for your doors, it’s recommended that potential customers consult with a representative from a Coating Company (Paint/Staining) in conjunction with an AWP Representative. This collaboration helps in specifying the appropriate coating applications for the Doorskins, ensuring the desired aesthetic and durability are achieved.


Applications Outer faces of doors
Standard AS / NZS 2271
Grade A face / D back; JAS type 1 Bond
Sheet Size (Sheets/pack) 2058 x 838 (170)
2135 x 938 (170)
2135 x 1220 (170)
2440 x 938 (170)
2440 x 1220 (240)
3050 x 1220 (240)
Thickness 3.6mm




BB/CC Plywood: Versatile and Reliable

BB/CC hardwood ply is a highly sought-after choice for applications where the appearance of the face is crucial, while the back is less important. It finds extensive use in furniture making, signage, creating movie sets, and crafting feature walls.

The faces of BB/CC plywood are sanded to facilitate staining or painting, although it’s worth noting that, being a natural product, there will be some color variation between sheets. This variation can range from dark red to light blonde in appearance.

Manufactured using an ‘A’ bond resin, BB/CC plywood is suitable for a range of applications, including some with external exposure. However, for long-term full exposure, it’s recommended to treat and seal the panel against fungal and termite attacks using a recognized H3 treatment and finish it with paint or water repellent to minimize surface checking.

While BB/CC is a non-structural plywood, it is made entirely from hardwood, which naturally provides durability and strength.

Occasionally, the BB face may have small filled and sanded imperfections.

Download BB/CC Hardwood Plywood flyer


Applications Wall and ceiling linings, furniture, partitions, movie sets, signs, packaging, cubby houses, horse stable and float fitouts, letter boxes, shelving
Standard EN 13986
Grade B face / C back, ‘A’ Bond
Sheet Size 2440 x 1220
3050 x 1220 (12 & 18mm only)
Thickness (Sheets/pack) 3.6mm(170) 6mm(145) 9mm(95) 12mm(70) 15mm(55) 18mm(45) 25mm(33)


Plywood Cladding: Stylish and Versatile

SHADOWclad decorative structural plywood cladding stands as a stylish and versatile building product, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Revered by architects, designers, and builders for its blend of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal, SHADOWclad offers the opportunity to create stunning facades without breaking the bank.

This cladding is adaptable to a broad range of external applications once sealed with an appropriate paint or stain system and installed following recommended guidelines. Treated with LOSP (H3), it provides protection against both insect (termite) and fungal (rot) attacks.

With its lightweight nature compared to other cladding options, SHADOWclad is particularly well-suited for projects on sloping blocks. Its installation requires no special tools, and its inherent bracing strength can often eliminate the need for additional bracing products during construction.

Available in primed (beige) or natural finishes with textured or grooved surfaces, SHADOWclad is manufactured from plantation pine timber, a renewable resource.

(SHADOWclad® is a trademark of Carter Holt Harvey Wood products)


Applications Exterior or interior cladding, high impact wall linings, feature inlays, soffits, garage, sheds, stables and agricultural buildings.
Grooves – 9mm wide, 5 deep  150mm centres
Standard AS/NZS 2269 & EWPAA JAS/ANZ accredited
Grade F8; ‘A’ Bond; less than 0.3mg/l Formaldehyde (SE0)
Sheet Size 2440 x 1216
2745 x 1216
Thickness 12mm(45 sheets/pack)