Panel & Plywood

Hardform Formply

Made from high quality hardwood veneers with an A bond resin, Hardform formply is manufactured under a strict 3rd party quality control programme, designed to deliver a smooth finish whilst withstanding the normal rigours of concrete form working.

Durable and reusable, Hardform is made from cross-banded veneers and high quality phenolic surfaces to provides users with the convenience of both bi-directional strength (F14 or F17) and dimensional stability.

Hardform is capable of achieving a class 2 finish on the first pour (per AS/NZ3610-2007) when used with appropriate installation expansion distances between sheets, release agents, tapes and solid perimeter fixings. (Class 2 finish – AS/NZ3610 -2007 mandates the need for a test pour to confirm finish where a Class 2 finish is specified).

Versatile and cost effective, Hardform formply can be used in:

  • Optimised form systems such as table forms and jump forms;
  • Steel or timber form frame systems; and
  • Across a range of frame spacings, slab thicknesses and surface tolerances (subject to the structural design requirements of AS/NZ3610 and the F rating of the panel)

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Concrete Formwork Chutes
Bridges Machinery Guards
Boxes/Crates Shelving
Containers Stable fitout
Counter Tops Horse float fitout
Standard AS 6669-2007
Grade Bi-directional F14 or F17; ‘A’ Bond;  Formaldehyde 0.3ppm (SEO); Class 3 minimum; HDO phenolic paper over hardwood veneers.F22 – subject to enquiry.
Sheet Size 1800 x 12002400 x 1200
Thickness (Sheets/pack) 12mm 2400 x 1200 (70)17mm 1800 x 1200 (46) 

17mm 2400 x 1200 (48)



Section Properties for standard formwork construction

Parallel to Face Grain Perpendicular to Face Grain
Plywood Code Thickness Stress
Moment of inertia
Section Modulus
Moment of inertia
Section Modulus
12 -11 -5 12mm F14 72.3 11.5 83.6 16.3
17 -11 -7 17mm F14 207.2 22.4 276.8 34.7
Standard AS 6669-2007
Grade F14 or F17 options; ‘A’ Bond;  Formaldehyde 0.3ppm (SEO); Class 3 minimum; HDO phenolic paper over hardwood veneers.F22 – subject to enquiry.

Formply (Softwood)

Formply is a product that is durable, re-usable and designed to produce a smooth off-form concrete finish.

Formply is capable of achieving a class 2 finish on the first pour (when used in accordance with Carter Holt Harvey’s installation details and AS 3610 recommendations).

Formply F17/14 * is manufactured utilising a plantation softwood core, a thin hardwood face and overlay combined with an “A” Bond phenolic adhesive and water repellent edge sealant to provide protection against typical construction moisture.

Formply F14 is a full softwood product (CCFO).

Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) ‘Product Certified’ against AS 6669-2007 for peace of mind.


Applications Concrete formwork
Floors for trailers
Stable fit-outs
Interior fit-out
Standard AS 6669-2007
Grade F11, F14 &F17/14*, ‘A’ Bond glueline, HDO phenolic paper over hardwood veneers; SE0.0 – 0.3ppm
*Denotes F17 for the face grain parallel to span and F14 for the face grain perpendicular to span
Sheet Size 2400 x 1200
1800 x 1200 – 17mm only
12mm (55)
17mm (40)
25mm (20)


LVL Boxxa Edgebeam

Designed to remain straight and true longer, LVL Boxxa is the natural choice for concrete boxing type applications.

LVL Boxxa is made from cross- banded Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) giving it superior strength, stability and longevity to make boxing for formwork, precasting and everyday concrete projects easier. Crossbanded LVL makes the product more resistant to cupping and swelling when used in concrete boxing type application.

Manufactured under a rigorous quality controlled process using sustainable plantation grown Pinus Radiata Logs. (FSC)

Key features of the Boxxa LVL edge board include:

  • Cross-banded in all section sizes to improve resistance to cupping and swelling width wise in typical boxing applications
  • Longer life than ordinary timber boxing
  • Specifically designed for stability, longevity and strength based
  • Easier to handle, strong , straight and consistent.
  • Painted with a high wax content paint on the surface for easier concrete release and enhanced moisture resistance


Applications Boxing for concrete
Precasting and every day concrete projects.
Standards Structural Proprieties in accordance with:
AS/NZS 4357 – 2005 (LVL)
Size (pieces/pack) 100 x 36 (90)
150 x 36 (63)
200 x 36 (45)
300 x 36 (27)
Length 6.0m
Other – upon request

LVL Formwork Beams

LVL Formwork Beams are engineered to give highly predictable performance in concrete formworking applications.

Commonly used in concrete formwork as joists, bearers, walers, soldiers and supports, LVL  Formwork beams can reduce forming costs and improve the quality of your concrete finish.

LVL formwork beams are manufactured to be uniform, strong, light and straight under a strict quality control process in a modern manufacturing facility.

The structural properties of LVL11 have been testing in accordance with requirements of AS/NZS 4357. 0:2005 for Structural (LVL) Laminated Veneer Lumber and independently audited and third party certified against AS/NZS 4357. 0 – 2005 by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) for your peace of mind.



Applications Formwork Bearers and Joists
Walers, Solders and Supports
Standard Structural Proprieties in accordance with: 

  • AS/NZS 4357 – 2005 (LVL)

The capacity tables and standard designs have been prepared in accordance with the following standards

  • AS 3610 – 2005 Formwork for Concrete
  • AS 1720.1 – 2010 Timber Structures
Grade LVL 11
Cross section Size
Form – 95 x 47 (77)
Form – 95 x 65 (55)
Form – 150 x 77 (35)
Lengths (m) 3.6m 4.8m 6.0m
Other – upon request