woodLINE is an undercover and internal feature wall and ceiling lining board, bringing a sense of warmth and elegance to an interior or patio space.


barnWALL is a natural timber wall lining repurposed from aging, disused hardwood, once destined to be forgotten.


hardWALL is a natural timber wall lining that offers a unique industrial look, transforming the identity of a space and creating a raw modern atmosphere.

A single feature wall can completely transform a room or an entire residential or commercial space. When aiming to make a statement and impress guests, a timber feature wall is always a top choice. With a variety of colors and textures available, timber feature walls can enhance the warmth or chic style of any room. Hurford’s Wood Elements solid timber cladding is ideal for creating durable and stylish feature walls. Alternatively, Hurford’s Engineered and Solid Hardwood Timber flooring range offers a wide selection of color tones and textures to suit your needs.

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