hardWALL is a natural timber wall lining that offers a very unique industrial look that will transform the identity of a space, creating a raw modern atmosphere.

Including only the most individual naturally occurring and manmade features, hardWALL is a high feature product that complements any interior bringing a brutal rustic look and feel. Each feature represents a period of time that the forest has gone through, whether it is the dense tight grain caused by drought, or dark rouged gum veins caused by scorching wildfires, these features are a chronicle of the history of hardWALL.

P r o d u c t  S p e c i f i c a t i o n

Lights – Blackbutt, Tallowwood, Grey Box
Reds – Blue Gum , Red Iron Bark
Darks – Brush Box, Spotted Gum, Grey Iron Bark
Profile: Square Edged Tongue & Grooved, End Matched
Thickness: 14mm
Width: 130mm, 180mm
Grade: Conservation – Making the most out of the precious resource, Conservation grade focuses on the highest amount of natural and manmade features. This unique product gives a true industrial appearance.