Wood Elements TEMPAWOOD

The Wood Elements TEMPAWOOD range is a thermally modified plantation pine,
making it a durable and sustainable cladding option.


S P E C I E S / F O R M U L A T E D   P R O C E S S

Thermally modifying wood has been around for years and the reason for producing on a commercial scale is to create a more dimensionally stable product, which consequently has superior performance in exterior applications.

D E S I G N E R / P R O F I L E S / S I Z E S

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70mm COVER 88mm x 21mm
120mm COVER 138mm x 21mm

53.7mm + 53.7mm COVER
138mm x 21mm

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WOOD ELEMENTS TEMPAWOOD profiles collective features include; a straight-line edging process to ensure the cladding is machined to a fine tolerance and is extremely straight; relief grooves which are designed to take the stress out of the cladding, reducing the effect of warping and cupping; a specially designed ridge locater connects with the overlap line providing an effortless straight-line finish, simultaneously controlling the expansion allowance for any timber movement.

A P P E A R A N C E / F I N I S H



D E S I G N E R / C O R N E R / D E T A I L S

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A L U M I N I U M – Colour Option: White, Silver and Black


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Trims provide a streamline finish and play an integral part in ensuring a water tight finish. All aluminium trims are factory fitted with waterproof gaskets, designed to decrease the on-site sealing process, and delivery of loose materials. Satisfying different design aspects Wood Elements trims are available in both traditional matching timber and modern anodised aluminium.

C O A T I N G  w i t h

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Outdoors, it’s vital to treat wooden surfaces with the right product. After all, you want the wood to look good for a long time. WoodCream is based on hydrophobic technology especially developed for maximum wood protection. Its unique and active self-cleaning formula intensely nourishes the wood, preserves the breathable structure, and makes
it water-repellent

  • Water-repellent: durable & long-lasting wood protection
  • Innovative & unique: nourishes the wood, doesn’t form a layer
  • 100% ecological: 0% hazardous substances (VOC free)

WoodCream not only colours and protects the wood, but also nourishes it. The cream penetrates deep into the wood and ensures that the surface remains vapor permeable. The cream doesn’t contain fillers and doesn’t form a sealing layer on the wood as other paint products and lacquers do. WoodCream will not flake off and therefore guarantees a much longer lifespan of the wood.

Wood must be able to breathe to maintain its beauty. Our hydrophobic cream ensures that the wood pores remain open and moisture regulation is retained. As a result, water is repelled, and air and water vapor can still pass through. The natural look & feel of the wood is also preserved.

The capillary force of the wood fibres, the force that attracts water, is converted into a water-repellent force because of the hydrophobic character of WoodCream. This results in a long-lasting pearl effect which gives the wood a very durable protection against extreme weather conditions.

The pearl effect provides 100% protection against water, and at the same time creates a self-cleaning effect. Water droplets slide off the wood, removing dirt particles from the surface. The water-repellent and self-cleaning effect reduces the risk of micro-organism growth (algae, molds, fungi) and prevents frost damage.

D E S I G N / E L E M E N T S / & / F I X I N G S

Wood Cladding

D E S I G N / E L E M E N T S / & / F I X I N G S

Extreme care has been taken in all aspects of Wood Elements Refined Architectural Hardwood Cladding. From the environment to milling and drying, to the profile and trim design features, the species selection, right down to the finishes and accessories. Each element plays an important role in the performance of the cladding system.

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Designed with concealed fixing in mind. Using a WURTH ASSY®PLUS A2 Decking Construction Screw 0166115550 along the pre machined “screw location” line enables the board to slip over the secured row quickly and easily, creating a clear face finish.Wood Elements diagram fixing hand written




Hardware required to install Hurford’s WOOD ELEMENTS:

Bit AW E 6.3 (1/4)
BIT-AW20-LUMINOUSORANGE-1/4IN-L50MM (Art.-no.:06145220)

AW20-5,5X50/23 (Art.-no.: 0166115550)

Available to purchase from Hurford Wholesale Pty Ltd or WURTH stockists.

*Please Note: Hurford Wholesale Pty Ltd will not be held liable, if fault shall occur when Hurford’s WOOD ELEMENTS is installed with a lesser size screw.


All the timber used to manufacture Wood Elements is air dried for up to 12 months to bring the moisture content down to “fibre” saturation. From this point the timber is kiln dried using double drying technology, developed by Hurfords to ensure significant added stability. This produces a finished product with a very narrow moisture variation.Wood Elements Logo Double Dried Tech

When timber is milled and dried it builds stress and force, which translates into spring and bow. Steps can be taken during this process to limit the amount of bend in a board, but it can’t be totally eliminated at this stage. Hurfords uses a process to straighten the boards post drying to ensure the boards are straight and stay straight. This ensures that Wood Elements can be easily installed and all shadowlines remain as they have been designed – straight.Wood Elements Straight Line Dressed Logo

The Automatic Spacing System allows expansion to be placed between the boards, which is automatic and doesn’t require any special tools or spacers to get right. The specially designed ridge locator controls the expansion allowance and in addition helps with concealing the cladding screw if the boards were to lose moisture. The expansion is designed to take out any stress caused if the boards absorb or lose moisture.Wood Elements Logo Automatic Spacing System

All cladding profiles and trims in the Wood Elements range come with moisture sealing gaskets.* Wood Elements aluminium trims feature a factory fitted double seal, the foam gaskets compress and expand with timber movement, an extra safeguard against the Australian storm season. Factory fitted gaskets eliminate the on-site sealing process, reducing labour costs. Wood Elements Moisture Barrier System does not eliminate the need for good building practice and meeting the Building Code of Australia.Wood Elements Logo Moisture Barrier System

Utilising a specially developed end match system for external use Wood Elements endmatch profile has a micro bevel edge designed to encourage water to drain away from the join. A factory fitted seal has also been installed to eliminate moisture transfer and ensure a watertight connection. End matching the product means the boards can be fixed mid stud, eliminating the need to dock and create volumes of waste, saving up to 10% of the product that previously would have been thrown away. Not only does this save costs, it’s a better for our environment with less resource being used.Wood Elements diagram end match detail singleWood Elements Logo End Matched


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Considerations at design stage regarding the accessibility, positioning and finish should be discussed between the client and builder. The expected outcome will determine the level of maintenance required.

Australia has the highest UV rating, causing any timber left uncoated to turn a weathered silvery grey. This is due to the UV rays slowly degrading the surface and cellulose fibres in the timber, which in turn changes the natural colour.

The extent of maintenance can depend on two main points;

1. The type of finish that’s applied – All external coatings need to be applied and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. The amount of additional protection the façade has from the weather
including the degree of sun exposure – Extra protection can include wide eaves, soffits, avoiding water traps, utilise balconies/ covered space or even glass panelling installed in front of the cladding.

WOOD ELEMENTS requires no structural maintenance once installed correctly.



Hurford’s are a Wholesaler and are unable to supply direct to builders and the public. Please email your name, phone number, suburb and state and we will provide details of the closest  Hurford’s reseller.

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