The hardwood cladding solution the industry’s been waiting for

The hardwood cladding solution the industry’s been waiting for
August 8, 2016 Krystle Zipf
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The hardwood cladding solution the industry’s been waiting for…

Hurford Wholesale has recently announced the launch of WOOD ELEMENTS. This refined architectural cladding system has been designed specifically to fill an existing gap in the current market, and is set to offer a quality cladding solution without the hassle of engaging in multiple vendors.

“We saw the potential a cladding system could do for this market and got to work on superior designs,” says Bob Engwirda, Hurford’s CEO. “We had two main objectives; to provide our customers with the same high standard of product quality they expect from Hurford’s at a competitive price, and to produce a system that was easy for the builder to install”.

Bob believes the collective design features in both the cladding profiles and trims will exceed customer’s expectations.

The beauty of WOOD ELEMENTS is it is a solution to a problem the industry has struggled with for many years – to find the perfect technique. It allows a set and forget methodology to be applied for the builders who install it, giving them peace of mind.

The Hurford Group is one of the leading companies when it comes to quality timber products in Australia. WOOD ELEMENTS has been formed over the past few years with consultative feedback from the industries leaders to ensure the products performance is of market-leading standards. The profile’s collective design features include straight-lining, double kiln drying, end-matching, an automatic spacing system and a moisture barrier system. The system consists of the hardwood cladding, designer aluminium and timber trims, plus the fixing hardware and a pre-oil option.

“I can say with confidence, after working on the project for 18 months, that WOOD ELEMENTS designer features are a cut-above the typical cladding profiles currently on the market,” says Carmen Forsyth, WOOD ELEMENTS project co-ordinator. “The design features are all inclusive in our pricing as well; there’s no extra for end-matching, no extra for straight-lining, and you’ve got the option to purchase specifically-designed aluminium and  timber trims, plus the fixing hardware and pre-oil service.

“Aside from the technical attributes, WOOD ELEMENTS’ selection of beautifully-machined Australian hardwoods installed with our stream-line trims creates an instant impact aesthetically and is a showpiece for any home or commercial space”.

The visual impact WOOD ELEMENTS will have on the design process in a commercial or residential job is enormous but yet the ease in which it is installed is so simplistic.

WOOD ELEMENTS can be ordered by any Timber Merchant or Distributor through Hurford Wholesales national distribution network.

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