Solid Flooring

Hurford’s Solid Flooring Range

  • American Oak

    American Oak flooring is popular for its striking and pronounced grain pattern, offering unique visual appeal.


    Fourteen Secret Nail Wide Board Overlay offers improved stability in a specifically developed wide board flooring product.

  • Genuine French Oak

    Hurford’s Genuine French Oak is graded to capture the full character and charm of this resource.

  • Hurford Roasted

    The Hurford Roasted process transforms hardwood’s natural color, creating a deep, rich tone throughout.

  • Hurford Sports Floor

    Hurford’s Sports Flooring is perfect for courts, gymnasiums, studios, and multi-purpose halls.

  • The Woodlands Collection

    The Woodlands Collection showcases the diversity of Australian hardwood in one of Hurfords’ most beloved flooring lines.

  • Thermally Enhanced Hardwood

    Thermally Enhanced permanently deepens and enriches the hue of Australian Hardwood for a more intense look.

  • Traditional Flooring

    Traditional Flooring offers solid timber’s natural beauty with Hurford’s structural tongue and groove end-match design.

  • Ultra10

    Maximising the use of our resource by producing a10mm thick board that is incredibly stable and has the same lifespan…

  • XL Parquetry

    XL Parquetry by Hurford’s creates standout, visually appealing floors, adding unique features to any space.

  • Flooring Finishes

    Choose the right Hurford Flooring Finish enhances durability and aesthetics, tailoring the look to your space.