APPLICATIONS Kitchen Counter Tops Splash-backs Bar Tops Bathroom Vanities Shower & Bath Panels Shower Bases Service Counters Coffee Tables Wall Cladding Column Cladding Fascia Panels Shelves Hotel Reception Counters Toilet Partitioning Flooring

NaturaStone is the ideal choice to simplify and enhance the specification, manufacturing and design process. With an extensive range of applications including horizontal and vertical décor surfaces; bench-tops, shelving and table tops can be fabricated to a varying range of thicknesses, the faux edge creating a solid stone appearance, therefore using less material whilst achieving a superior result.

Being an acrylic based product, the UV stability and heat resistance properties allow NaturaStone to be thermo-formed to suit curved and shaped applications.

NaturaStone applications include:

• Kitchen counter tops
• Splashbacks
• Bar tops
• Bathroom vanity tops
• Shower and bath panels
• Shower bases
• Food service counters

• Coffee table
• Retail counters
• Wall cladding
• Column cladding
• Fascia panels
• Shelves
• Hotel reception counters

• Commercial counters
• Dining tables
• Laboratory tops
• Toilet partitioning
• Flooring

WATCH: NaturaStone Application Overview The Benefits of Working with NaturaStone