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NaturaStone is an Australian Made Quartz Surfacing Material, combining beauty with ease of handling and exceptional durability. The versatile 3050 x 1300 x 6mm slab can be installed as a complete new bench-top or easily applied to resurface existing bench-tops and substrates. Unlike most other engineered stone products, the advanced 6mm slab can be fabricated, fitted and installed on site by cabinet makers and tradespeople using a limited, but specialised range of recommended hand tools.

NaturaStone is manufactured through a propriety formulation and processing technique.  The unique Australian manufacturing facility produces the most advanced and toughest quartz surfaces.

NaturaStone utilises more than 90% natural quartz, combined with the resilience of a high performance acrylic polymer. Additionally, a multi filament reinforcement mesh is encapsulated within the slab, further enhancing the already tough product. Although having a high hardness level of over 7.5 MOHS (with Diamonds being 10 MOHS), NaturaStone is a flexible product resisting chipping and cracking, making NaturaStone 6mm slabs more resilient than standard 20mm e-stones.

NaturaStones manufacturing processes and components are designed to be environmentally friendly alternative over other engineered stone materials.

NaturaStone The Green Choice

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