Experience the beauty of Naked Oak.

Crafted in a world-class mill, Naked Oak is an exquisite combination of Genuine Oak bonded to a sturdy Hevea core. The engineered profile features kissed edges on all four borders, creating a dimensional look, and a traditional tongue and groove locking system for easy installation. Each lamella is meticulously sorted and graded, ensuring only the highest quality oak qualifies for production.

Naked Oak boasts a wire-brushed finish, which enhances the natural depth and texture of the surface by removing the soft grain. This technique accentuates the uninterrupted topographic-like grain of the Oak. The flooring is finished with a Natural stain that highlights the distinct almond and blonde tones, as well as the deep champagne hues of the heartwood.

Choose Your Look: Finished or RAW Naked Oak is available in RAW, a finely sanded, square-edged, unfinished product designed to be stained and finished on-site. RAW offers the flexibility to achieve a custom design vision, with limitless choices of stains and finishes to match your personal taste and style.

Indulge in the timeless beauty of Naked Oak and elevate your space to new heights

Species: Genuine Oak
Colour Stains: Natural, RAW (Unfinished)
Appearance: Prime
Core Material: Hevea
Locking System: Tongue & Groove (Sides & Ends)
Size: 190mm
Thickness: 15mm (Lamella Nominal 4mm)
Length: 1,830mm & 2,190mm
Coverage: 1,830mm – 2.097m2/box, 2,190mm – 2.477m2/box
Packaging: 6 rows per box, maximum of 2 nested rows

Micro Bevel (Sides & Ends)
Surface: Light wire brushed texture
Coating: UV Lacquer Matte
Install Suitability: Floating, direct glued, staples & nailed down

Square Edge
Surface: Smooth – Fine Sand
Coating: Uncoated
Finish: Unfinished
Install Suitability: Direct glued, staples & nailed down

Naked Oak Technical Information & Test Downloads

Brochure: Naked Oak Brochure

Installation Guide: Naked Oak Install Guide

Warranty: Naked Oak Warranty

Slip Test: Naked Oak Slip Test

Fire Test: Naked Oak Fire Test NATURAL
Fire Test: Naked Oak Fire Test RAW

Emissions test available upon request.

Floor Care Link: General Maintenance Information

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