LIGNIA is the ultimate modified timber produced in the UK.
Real wood that delivers beauty along with superior performance and durability through a unique modification process.

LIGNIA starts out life as a softwood (Radiata Pine) from FSC®-certified managed plantations, and once modified
gives it the appearance and properties of hardwood.

LIGNIA is an incredibly stable timber due to its low tangential and radial movement.

LIGNIA has many applications and is often used for decking, flooring, cladding, screening and general joinery such as
doors and window frames.

• Density through modification is increased to an
average of 650kg.

• pH neutral – not corrosive and standard steel fixings can be used without causing corrosion to the metal.

• LIGNIA is a golden honey colour which is permanent and penetrates the entire piece of timber.


LIGNIA – “Clear Grade” Rough Sawn Available Sizes:

100 x 25      100 x 38      100 x 50
150 x 25      150 x 38      150 x 50
200 x 25      200 x 38      200 x 50

Hurford’s are the exclusive agent of LIGNIA
for both Australia and New Zealand.


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