Le Mur Tonnellerie is a product which holds a history tracing back to the cherished forests of France, where craftsmen carefully selected lumber to produce structure and flavour in the fermentation and aging process of the finest red wines.

After extremely selective harvesting, the French Oak was sawn and then air seasoned for a minimum of 3 years, before a master craftsman transformed the lumber through fire, steam and skill into a highly sought after French Oak barrel. After many years of use, the barrels come to the end of their life but their story has no need to end there. We carefully deconstruct the wooden staves and repurpose the Oak into a beautiful unique Oak floor/wall lining, Le Mur Tonnellerie.

Celebrating all the tell tale signs of its previous life, Le Mur Tonnellerie highlights the most interesting characteristics that are scattered amongst the wooden staves, from char marks to deep burgundy hues, Le Mur Tonnellerie is a product embedded with a rich history. The random width of the individual staves in each board adds an interesting element to design, creating a truly individual wall feature.

Le Mur Tonnellerie Specification…

French Oak




M2 Per Box

Stave lay -up
Random – 3, 4 or 5 staves per board

Raw – ready for oiling