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Shou Sugi Ban Complete System Charred Timber Cladding

Achieve great design without great effort by integrating our charred timber cladding into your next designs facade.

Why choose Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban Refined Architectural Cladding?

Hurford’s are one of the oldest companies in the Australian timber manufacturing business. Our love and expertise for drying and manufacturing timber products along with our heed for innovation in our industry subsequently fuels our drive to produce quality timber products, and in this case, a quality timber system.

Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban Refined Architectural Cladding is a complete solution for any wall, offering not just a precision milled piece of charred timber cladding but also the detailed trims to ensure a streamline finish and watertight result.


Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban profiles collective features include:

  • Relief grooves which are designed to take the stress out of the cladding, reducing the effect of warping and cupping
  • Screw location line indicates exactly where to fix the cladding board, allowing the next row to slide over the existing board and create a secret fix finish.
  • To allow the correct expansion between each board, use the locating shoulder engineered in the profile.


Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban trims provide a streamline finish and play an integral part in ensuring a water tight finish. All aluminium trims are factory fitted with waterproof gaskets* designed to decrease the on-site sealing process, and reduced the delivery of loose materials.

* 9mm x 1.6mm gaskets are factory fitted. Additional foam gaskets, to form second moisture barrier, are available in rolls for on-site installation, or alternative sealant method can be implemented.


Utilising a specially developed end match system for external use, Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban endmatch profile has a micro bevel edge designed to encourage water to drain away from the join. Applying a bead of sealant to the join at installation stage eliminates moisture transfer and ensures a watertight connection.

End matching the product means the boards can be fixed mid stud, eliminating the need to dock and create volumes of waste, saving up to 10% of the product that previously would have been thrown away. Not only does this save costs, it’s a better for our environment with less resource being used.

Shou Sugi Ban Moisture Barrier System

All trims in the Hurford’s Shou Sugi Ban Cladding range feature a factory fitted seal, the foam gaskets compress and expand with timber movement, an extra safeguard against the Australian storm season. Factory fitted gaskets eliminate the on-site sealing process, reducing labour costs. The Moisture Barrier System does not eliminate the need for good building practice and meeting the Building Code of Australia.


Width: 88mm (70mm cover), 138mm (120mm cover)
*Cypress also available in 118mm (100mm cover)
Thickness: 21mm
Length: Random
Moisture Content: AS1080.1
Species: Cypress, Durable Australian Hardwoods & BAL-29 Australian Hardwoods
Joining: End-matched, micro bevel
Finish: Charred & Pre-Oiled Intergrain Industrial Solid Timber Stain Charred Black

*Please Note; During installation it is required you coat any sawn cut exposed ends with Feast Watson Timber and Deck Stain, Black Japan. 

Once Shou Sugi Ban Refined Architectural Cladding is installed, you need to apply a second coat of Feast Watson Timber and Deck Stain, Black Japan.

Periodic maintenance, including reapplying a fresh coat of Feast Watson Timber and Deck Stain, Black Japan is required to maintain the dark burnt texture of the product. Leaving the product unmaintained or uncoated will lead to the dark Shou Sugi Ban to naturally patina and age, changing its appearance. This change in appearance will not affect the performance of the product.

For more information on Feast Watson Timber and Deck Stain, Black Japan maintenance or to find a stockist please visit their website or phone
FREECALL 1800 252 502.

Stainless Steel 304 Black Zinc Coated Screw 5.5 x 50mm
Available to purchase from Hurford Wholesale Pty Ltd.

External Corner:
 Powdercoated Aluminium
Internal Corner: Powdercoated Aluminium
End Stop: Powdercoated Aluminium

What is BAL-LOW?

There are six bush fire attack levels that are used to determine the appropriate construction to be applied to a development.
BAL-LOW is the lowest rating. Most metropolitan and suburban blocks are defined as BAL–LOW. These sites have no special requirements as there is a very low risk of bushfire attack. Use species Callitris or Durable Mixed Australian Hardwoods.

Areas rated as BAL 12.5 or higher use BAL-29 Mixed Australian Hardwoods.



Hurford’s are a Wholesaler and are unable to supply direct to builders and the public.

Please email us if you have a question or email your name, phone number, address so we will provide details of the closest Hurford’s reseller or if you request a sample piece.

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