Hurford Sports Floor

We prioritise performance above all else.

At Hurford’s, we’ve invested in developing unique, product-specific drying and processing techniques to ensure the quality and stability of all Hurford Sports Flooring products.

Our specialty hardwood flooring is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of various athletic environments. Whether it’s for basketball courts, volleyball courts, gymnasiums, handball courts, futsal pitches, aerobics and dance studios, or multi-purpose halls, our flooring is designed to excel.

Our dedication to performance means that each plank is engineered to withstand the rigors of athletic activities, providing athletes with a reliable and durable surface to perform at their best. With Hurford Sports Flooring, you can trust that your facility will not only look impressive but also deliver unmatched performance for years to come.

Hurford Sports Floor Specifications

Species: Blackbutt, Spotted Gum
Profile: Tongue & Groove Offset (End Matched)
 60mm x 20.5mm
Wear layer: 7.5mm
Lengths: 900mm – 5400mm
Grade: Standard & Better
Coating: Unfinished
Milling Standard:

Custom orders available in select species.

S P E C I E S :
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Spotted Gum