Hurford Roasted

Hurford Roasted sets a new standard for luxury in Australian hardwood flooring.

Through our exclusive Roasting process, we transform the natural color of hardwood, creating a deep, rich tone that runs through the entirety of the wood. Available in two distinct and captivating shades:

  • Peat: Embracing a natural, dark earth hue that exudes warmth and sophistication.
  • Cayenne: Unveiling an intimate, reddish-bronze palette that adds depth and character to any space.

What sets Hurford Roasted apart is its high-temperature thermal modification. Our custom-designed heating program alters the wood’s molecular structure, resulting in a floor that not only boasts stunning color but also enhanced durability. This process effectively locks in the color, ensuring it won’t fade over time, while also significantly reducing the risk of movement, compared to traditional kiln-dried flooring.

With Hurford Roasted, you get more than just a floor – you get a statement piece that elevates the aesthetic of any interior. Experience the unparalleled luxury and craftsmanship of Hurford Roasted, where Australian hardwood meets innovation and sophistication.

Hurford Roasted Specifications

Colours: Peat & Cayenne
Colour penetration: 100% through the board
Grade: Prestige & Rustic
Profile: Tongue & Groove Offset (End Matched)
 86 x 10mm, 83 x 14mm, 128 x 14mm & 178 x 14mm
Wear layer: 5.5mm
Lengths: 600mm – 4500mm (128&178mm), 400mm – 2700mm (86&83mm)

Hurford Roasted Downloads

Brochure: Hurford Roasted Brochure

Installation Guide: Hurford Roasted install as per FOURTEEN Installation Recommendations

Information Sheet: Hurford Roasted Information Sheet

Downloads about Overlay and Tongue & Groove Solid Floors:

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