The end of the line doesn’t have to mean the end of the line…

Sometimes as a product such as wood finishes its indented use, it doesn’t need to be wasted, the opportunity arises for it to be reborn and given a new lease of life.

Hurford Recycled Timber scours the Northern NSW region for timber that is destined to be scrapped and wasted, it then machines and process the old and produces it into high quality flooring products that not only has the aesthetics, but a history of a whole other life.

Hurford Recycled Timber has nearly 100 years of timber processing and machining behind it, and spends an extended period of time to ensure the timber is recovered correctly, properly milled and kiln dried, to ensure a high quality fi nished product is achieved. Wood source: Recycled Australian Hardwood from discontinued Rail line, Rail line upgrades, Wooden Bridges, wharfs and girders.

Hurford Recycled Timber

100% recycled Australian Hardwood

Australian Eucalyptus

1. Rust – Historically durable reds have been used in a lot of Australian infrastructure over the last 200 years. This forms a deep soulful colour that has imbedded history into your floor.

2. Sand – Offering a light relaxed style, but still with many secrets of time, Sand is a light honey hue.

3. Patina – Deep rich earth tones that have been locked in with years of wear and tear, Patina helps creates a sophisticated and elegant space.

180mm x 14mm
108mm x 14mm
83mm x 14mm

Tongue and Grooved

Moisture Content
9 to 13%

400mm to 2400mm