Genuine French Oak

Embrace the timeless allure of Genuine French Oak hardwood flooring.

Our journey begins in Vermelle, France, where our dedicated team hand-selects sawn French Oak boards from carefully chosen boutique French Sawmills. These mills adhere to strict forestry schemes, ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing of raw materials. After selection, the French Oak boards undergo meticulous drying to meet the rigorous Hurford’s standard before being shipped to our Stapylton location for final production and quality assurance.

At Hurford’s, our Genuine French Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring is graded to preserve every nuance of this remarkable resource, capturing its inherent character and charm. From the rich hues to the intricate grain patterns, each plank tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship that will enrich any space with its timeless elegance.

Brochure: French Oak Flyer
Installation Guide: Secret Nail using Hurford’s FOURTEEN Installation Recommendations
Radiant Flux Test Report: AS/ISO 9239.1-2003

Specification French Oak (Cream Tones)

Species: French Oak Cream Tones
Grade: Provincial, Rustic
Profile: Top Nail Tongue & Groove (End Matched)
83mm x 12mm, 130mm x 12mm, 180mm x 14mm,
110mm x 19mm,  130mm x 19mm, 180mm x 19mm,
140mm x 21mm, 160mm x 21mm, 180mm x 21mm,
195mm x 21mm, 205mm x 21mm, 215mm x 21mm,
220mm x 21mm, 230mm x 21mm
Lengths: 600mm – 2500mm

Discover the ultimate warming tones, all created by nature.

If you thought French Oak was only available in light cream tones, then think again! Hurford’s can now offer this flooring product in a beautiful hazel brown shade.

Specification French Oak (Hazel Tones)

Species: French Oak Hazel Tones
Grade: Provincial
Profile: Top Nail Tongue & Groove (End Matched)
195 x 21mm, 205 x 21mm
Lengths: Random, 900 to 2700mm