Fourteen – the perfect choice for those who adore the wide-board hardwood look but prefer a modern, seamless finish for their flooring.

Developed and rigorously tested with the support of the Australian Timber Flooring Association, Fourteen is designed to deliver exceptional performance as a floor covering. Its unique features are engineered to harmonize with fixing methods and subflooring, ensuring a stable and balanced floor.

Fourteen is specifically crafted for secret fixing to plywood or particleboard using adhesive and concealed mechanical fixings. We’ve employed a proprietary pre-straightening method, developed by Hurford’s, to ensure clean, straight lines during installation and expedite the process.

Performance is paramount at Hurford’s. Our unique drying and processing techniques guarantee the quality and stability of all Fourteen floors. The Secret Nail Wide Board Overlay, a part of the Fourteen series, is meticulously crafted to provide improved stability while maintaining the wide-board aesthetic. Thinner boards allow for better drying and consistent moisture content, minimizing cupping and movement.

The Fourteen series is pre-straightened and flattened for easy installation. Contrary to popular belief, thicker boards don’t necessarily equate to greater stability. With today’s fixing technology, achieving a balance between timber, fixing, and subfloor is key.

Species: Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Brush Box, Grey Box, Grey Ironbark, New England Blackbutt, Red Ironbark, Silvertop, Spotted Gum & Tallowwood
Grade*: Select, Prestige, Standard, Rustic & Feature
Profile: Tongue & Groove Offset (End Matched)
 130mm x 14mm & 180mm x 14mm
Lengths: 600mm – 4500mm

*Grades will depend on width and species – please check before quoting/ordering.

S P E C I E S :
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Spotted Gum


Blue Gum

Grey Ironbark

Brush Box

New England Blackbutt

Grey Box

Red Ironbark



Silvertop Stringybark

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