Australian Native

Australian Native provides that organic, natural, warm feeling.

The Australian Native pre-finished range features a matte finish to achieve a floor that’s earthy and effortless. Consistent in quality and structural stability, Australian Native is constructed using a low shrinkage, ecofriendly Hevea core and a tough Australian hardwood lamella.

The production incorporates a licensed Välinge locking system, which uses a single action installation method, saving time and creating a floor that can be enjoyed instantly.

The Australian Native range offers Rustic Blackbutt. A full featured floor with prominent gum veins, gum pockets, trails, burls and borer holes. The feature does not interfere with the structural integrity of the floor, but offers a glimpse of the intense life in the Australian Bush; drought, ambrosia attack and fierce wildfires are just some of the elements a tree needs to endure to produce these beautiful and interesting features. An impressive choice, adding value and character to any interior.

Australian Native Micro-Bevel Edge

Species: Blackbutt, Rustic Blackbutt, Brush Box, Silvertop, Spotted Gum & QLD Spotted Gum.
Width: 132mm
Lengths & Coverage: 1,830mm – 1.932m2 & 2,190mm – 2.312m2
Packaging: 8 rows per box, maximum of 3 nested rows. Rustic Blackbutt: 8 rows per box, max 4 nested rows.

Species: Blackbutt, Rustic Blackbutt, Spotted Gum & QLD Spotted Gum.
Width: 180mm
Lengths & Coverage: 1,830mm – 1.976m2 & 2,190mm – 2.365m2
Packaging: 6 rows per box, maximum of 3 nested rows. Rustic Blackbutt: 6 rows per box, max 4 nested rows.

Core Material: Hevea
Locking System: Välinge 5G Gluesless Joining System
Thickness: 14mm (Lamella Nominal 4mm)
Length: 1,830mm & 2,190mm
Surface: Australian Hardwood, Smooth texture
Coating/Finish: Bona UV Lacquer System, Matte 8-12%
Matching accessories: EVERwalk & HUSHwalk Underlays, Trims & Scotia

S P E C I E S :


Blackbutt Rustic

Sydney Blue Gum

Brush Box


Spotted Gum

QLD Spotted Gum

Hurford’s Australian Native Engineered Hardwood Flooring is produced with the knowledge and experience of three generations of processing and drying Australia’s unique Spruce. Hurford’s superior kiln drying processes help to minimise lamella movement, preventing potential stability issues like twisting, cupping and checking.

Please Note: Images are not always an accurate representation of the normal colour tones of a species. Please speak with your local Hurford’s supplier for samples. If you do not know your closest Hurford’s supplier or are unable to acquire your desired samples, please email us at [email protected].


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