OSB - Oriented Strand Board

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OSB Bracing (OS’Brace®)

OS’Brace® is a high quality, moisture resistant structural bracing panel for timber framed construction that resists splitting and delamination.  OS’Brace® is simple to install – lightweight, easy to cut, nail, screw and drill. Can be nailed or stapled subject to manufacturer’s guideline.

OS’Brace® provides four simple bracing systems, offering up to 6 kN/m racking resistance when fixed to timber framing (JD5 minimum) in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Manufactured by EGGER in Europe, OS’Brace® is constructed as a three-layered OSB panel of oriented strands (micro-veneers) bonded with synthetic resin designed specifically for the Australian building and construction industry.

OS’Brace is available as either an Untreated or Treated (H2) panel. The H2 treated panel is suitable for use across Australia and is easily identified by a blue stamp.

(OS’Brace® is a trademark of EGGER Holzwerkstoffe Wismar GmbH & Co. KG)

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Applications Structural bracing panel for timber framed construction. Ideal as a short wall bracing solution where wall space is limited.
Standard Complies to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) based upon:

  • AS 1684–1999 residential timber framed construction.
  • AS1720.1 – 1997, Part 1 timber structure codes
Sheet Size 2440 x 900
2440 x 1200
2745 x 900
2745 x 1200
3050 x 900
3050 x1200
Thickness 6mm(90 or 148 sheets/pack)




Installation OS’Brace® should be installed in accordance with standard building design and construction methods and manufacturer’s recommendation – refer brochure.OS’Brace® is suitable for use in humid conditions where the panel in-service moisture content does not exceed 20%. This is defined in EN 13986:2004 as service class 2. This service class is appropriate for the installation of OS’Brace® within the cavity of a brick veneer building or under cladding throughout Australia. Prolonged exposure to moisture and excessive condensation must not occur.

Correct installation procedure must be observed to allow for the small dimensional movement in the OS’Brace® panel in response to changes in equilibrium moisture content.

OS’Brace® should be allowed to acclimatise (pick up moisture) for at least a 48 hour period prior to installation.

DO NOT butt joint OS’Brace® panels tightly. To allow for hygroscopic movement, a minimum 2 mm expansion gap must be allowed around the full perimeter of the panel and at any butt joint between OS’Brace® panels.

OSB Panel

Economical, strong and sturdy non-structural wood-based panel suitable for a diverse range of applications. Ideal for packaging with a high pull-out resistance of the fasteners, even along the edges.

Made from oriented strands (micro-veneers) bonded with synthetic resin.


Applications Interior wall and ceiling lining, Furniture, Packaging, Partitions , Shop fitting
Standard EN 13986 – E1 EN300, CE
Sheet Size 2500 x 1250
Thickness 6mm 9mm 12mm(84) 15mm 18mm 25mm(40)