NaturaStone Quartz Stone Surfaces

NaturaStone represents the next generation in quartz stone surfacing technology.
Developed in Australia, this unique and environmentally-friendly technology has not been
matched by any other manufacturer worldwide.

Containing more than 90% natural quartz, NaturaStone is both flexiable and highly resistant to chipping and cracking. In fact, a 6mm slab of NaturaStone is more resilient than a 20mm slab of standard engineered stone.

NaturaStone can be installed as a complete quartz countertop or be used to resurface existing benchtops and substrates. Suitable for countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, wall cladding and more, NaturaStone is a versatile and eco-friendly alternative to other engineered stone materials.

The unique Australian manufacturing facility produces the most advanced and toughest quartz stone surfaces…

NaturaStone offers a tailored solution to an infinite variety of applications in a wide range of project categories…

NaturaStone is manufactured in a range of 40 colours which enhance any décor in any style…

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