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An Australian third generation family business, strongly dedicated to the native hardwood timber industry over more than 80 years of trade…

The Hurford Group of Companies was founded in 1932. With an innovative approach to value adding and achieving a competitive edge on flooring and hardwood products, Jim Hurford set a course for the company name to grow steadily and strongly in high quality timber manufacturing.

From humble beginnings the facilities have expanded to rank solidly alongside both Australian and International competitors. The Hurford Group now spans across multiple tiers of the timber industry being a primary producer, manufacturer and wholesaler.

Hurford Hardwood finalised the acquisition of the Moxon family share of the Moxon Timber business on the 1st of February 2015. Rebranding it Hurford Wholesale Pty Ltd, it established one of Australia’s largest and most diverse timber wholesale businesses with a distribution network that covers the whole of Australia.

Hurford Wholesale is a 50/50 ownership with a large prominent Malaysian Timber family company, the Samling Group.

The Samling group has diverse business interests from forest resource management to plywood manufacturing, property development and automotive business in various countries globally…

Samling Group of Companies was established in 1963 with the Group’s core business being the management of forest resource and manufacturing of wood products.

The integrated Hurford business covers the entire supply chain from the management and harvesting of forest resources, processing, manufacturing, and sales and distribution of wood products in Australian and around the world.

Backed by a strong track record Hurford Wholesale is forging ahead, strengthening existing business relationships with its customers while exploring new opportunities to enhance its sustainability.

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www.hardwood.com.au, www.hurfordflooring.com.au or www.samling.com

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Hurford Wholesale Pty Ltd 104001 PEFC CoC Certificate

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